Our science

Our focus is to discover and develop enzyme therapeutics for the treatment of digestive diseases and thereby providing life changing therapies for patients. Our innovative technology is based on therapeutic enzymes which are protected in a nano shield with muco-adhesive coating. That means that the enzymes are bound to silica nanoparticles (approved as food additives) and are further protected by a soft and porous layer of organo-silica. The effect is that the enzyme remains in the nano-layer, which acts as a shield. The enzyme is never released and is fully active within the soft and porous layer through which the substrates freely migrate.

Our unique approach

Our protected enzyme particle can be further functionalized to provide specific targeting.  In the case of digestive therapies, a muco-adhesive coating has been applied to the particles, which provides a 3-time longer residence time in the small intestine. Together with a sustained activity, this results in high efficacy and no pill burden.

Safe – The enzyme particles do not cross the intestinal epithelium; they remain fully non-systemic. Also, they do not accumulate in the GI tract as they are eliminated together with the mucus they are bound to and end up in the feces.

Our possibilities

We have prioritized our enzymes for digestive therapies. Nevertheless, the platform can be applied more generally for metabolic therapies. We have generated in vitro efficacy and safety data in onco-metabolism showing great benefits of the platform against cancer cells. Data has also been acquired for systemic Enzyme Replacement Therapies (ERTs). The company is open to partnering for the joint development of innovative therapies in these areas.