Perseo pharma’s therapeutic enzymes, with their stealth coating, are able to invisibly reach their targets so as to slay the disease.

Over the past 30 years and the first development of biologics, 30 therapeutic enzymes have been approved by EMA and FDA (1/4 of all approved biologics). Therapeutic enzymes address a wide variety of indications, ranging from rare genetic diseases (enzyme replacement therapies) to oncology (key tumor-element depletion therapies).
However, existing therapeutic enzymes exhibit both efficacy issues (lack of systemic stability, low residence time) and toxicity issues (up to 80% anti-drug reactions, immunogenicity).
Our platform technology has proved successful in addressing both these issues for non-therapeutic enzymes (see related company INOFEA AG).

Perseo pharma takes its name from Perseus, the hero of Greek mythology who, by wearing the Cap of Invisibility, was able to slay the Gorgon Medusa whose gaze was turning onlookers into stone. 

Press Release

INOFEA founds Perseo pharma to further develop therapeutic enzymes
Basel, May 13, 2019

The Swiss biotech company INOFEA AG founded Perseo pharma AG as spin-off for therapeutic applications. Its objective is to develop a new line of therapeutic enzymes based on INOFEA’s innovative, unique and patent protected enzyme shielding technology (enzzen®). Foundational R&D work for such therapeutic enzymes has been successfully conducted within INOFEA for two years.

Perseo pharma secured first financial resources through a convertible loan from Swiss business angels (mainly BAS and BioBAC) and is currently looking for further financing through a seed round.

Perseo pharma is initially focusing exclusively on therapeutic enzymes for the treatment of cancer and rare genetic diseases. However, its platform enables future enzyme-based applications in other therapeutic fields as well.

The uniqueness of empowered enzymes is the protective layer surrounding immobilized enzymes, which increases their stability and makes them resistant to harsh environments.

The technology of INOFEA and Perseo pharma has been developed originally by the School of Life Sciences, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, North-Western Switzerland (FHNW).

Dr. Yves Dudal, formerly CEO of INOFEA, was appointed CEO of Perseo pharma and Dr. Anne Timm, formerly CBO of INOFEA, new CEO of INOFEA.